Vocabulary - Deprecated (BGN) is an extension to that was developed for richer descriptions of bibliographic resources. This "external" extension was effectively replaced in May 2015 by the "hosted" extension, although the efforts haven't been fully reconciled.

As the coverage of has evolved over time, and other Linked Data vocabularies for bibliographic data have emerged and become established, the need for has reduced.

In recognition of this, the vocabulary has been deprecated, as of May 2019. The site has been moved to an open GitHub repository BibloGraph-Frozen to preserve its state and to host this web site for reference purposes only. The Terms and Conditions remain in place.

Also for reference purposes, where relevant the terms defined in vocabulary have been mapped to their equivalents within Coverage can be found using Wikidata and declared 'equivalent class' (P1709), and 'equivalent property' (P1628) claims. Wikidata classes and properties are not designed to be used outside of Wikidata itself, but they can be used as a hub for finding equivalencies in other namespaces. To the extent that search engines consume Wikidata in addition to crawling markup on the web, some of the potential of search engine optimization can still be realized.

                    PREFIX bgn: <>
                    SELECT ?item ?bgn ?propLabel
                    WHERE {
                      VALUES ?p {
                      ?prop wikibase:directClaim ?p .
                      ?item ?p ?bgn .
                      FILTER(STRSTARTS(STR(?bgn), STR(bgn:)))
                      BIND(STRAFTER(STR(?bgn), STR(bgn:)) AS ?term)
                      SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
                    ORDER BY ?propLabel ?term

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