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What is BiblioGraph.net?

This site provides a collection of schemas that are used to describe concepts, entities, and relationships for bibliographic and cultural heritage resources and collections, in libraries and associated domains. As an extension to schema.org, BiblioGraph.net adds terms and entities that are particularly relevant and important within these more specific domains.

It is designed to be used by organizations in the bibliographic field to describe resources that they curate, aggregate, describe and reference for local use, or to serve as authoritative hubs of knowledge about these items. Such organizations will benefit from the use of the BiblioGraph.net vocabulary through greater exposure, consumption, sharing, discovery, integration, navigation and display of bibliographic related information across the web.

With schema.org forming its foundation, BiblioGraph.net helps remove data integration barriers by enabling search engines to consume semantic data directly, making it easier for people and systems to find the information they seek. It also helps facilitate the integration of structured data between libraries and other information hubs, providing rich discovery, navigation and browsing experience of resources offered by libraries and associated organizations.

Based on a set of shared principles BiblioGraph.net, initially sponsored by OCLC, is shared with the wider community, with the objective of improving access to, and dissemination and discovery of, the world’s information.

We invite you to get started!

If you have any questions or comments contact info@bibliograph.net.