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schema:DataType > schema:Number

Data type: Number.

Instances of schema:Number may appear as values for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
schema:additionalNumberOfGuests schema:RsvpAction If responding yes, the number of guests who will attend in addition to the invitee.
schema:amount schema:DatedMoneySpecification The amount of money.
schema:amountOfThisGood schema:TypeAndQuantityNode The quantity of the goods included in the offer.
schema:baseSalary schema:EmployeeRole  or
The base salary of the job or of an employee in an EmployeeRole.
schema:bestRating schema:Rating The highest value allowed in this rating system. If bestRating is omitted, 5 is assumed.
schema:billingIncrement schema:UnitPriceSpecification This property specifies the minimal quantity and rounding increment that will be the basis for the billing. The unit of measurement is specified by the unitCode property.
schema:childMaxAge schema:ParentAudience Maximal age of the child.
schema:childMinAge schema:ParentAudience Minimal age of the child.
schema:copyrightYear schema:CreativeWork The year during which the claimed copyright for the CreativeWork was first asserted.
schema:costPerUnit schema:DrugCost The cost per unit of the drug.
schema:discount schema:Order Any discount applied (to an Order).
schema:doseValue schema:DoseSchedule The value of the dose, e.g. 500.
schema:elevation schema:GeoShape  or
The elevation of a location.
schema:highPrice schema:AggregateOffer The highest price of all offers available.
schema:latitude schema:GeoCoordinates The latitude of a location. For example 37.42242.
schema:longitude schema:GeoCoordinates The longitude of a location. For example -122.08585.
schema:lowPrice schema:AggregateOffer The lowest price of all offers available.
schema:maxPrice schema:PriceSpecification The highest price if the price is a range.
schema:maxValue schema:QuantitativeValue  or
The upper value of some characteristic or property.
schema:minPrice schema:PriceSpecification The lowest price if the price is a range.
schema:minValue schema:QuantitativeValue  or
The lower value of some characteristic or property.
schema:numAdults schema:LodgingReservation The number of adults staying in the unit.
schema:numChildren schema:LodgingReservation The number of children staying in the unit.
schema:numberOfEpisodes schema:RadioSeries  or
schema:VideoGameSeries  or
schema:TVSeries  or
The number of episodes in this season or series.
schema:numberOfItems schema:ItemList The number of items in an ItemList. Note that some descriptions might not full describe all items in a list (e.g. multi-page pagination).
schema:numberOfSeasons schema:RadioSeries  or
schema:VideoGameSeries  or
The number of seasons in this series.
schema:numberedPosition schema:OrganizationRole A number associated with a role in an organization, for example, the number on an athlete's jersey.
schema:partySize schema:TaxiReservation  or
Number of people the reservation should accommodate.
schema:playersOnline schema:GameServer Number of players on the server.
schema:price schema:TradeAction  or
schema:PriceSpecification  or
The offer price of a product, or of a price component when attached to PriceSpecification and its subtypes.

Usage guidelines:
  • Use the priceCurrency property (with ISO 4217 codes e.g. "USD") instead of including ambiguous symbols such as '$' in the value.
  • Use '.' (Unicode 'FULL STOP' (U+002E)) rather than ',' to indicate a decimal point. Avoid using these symbols as a readability separator.
  • Note that both RDFa and Microdata syntax allow the use of a "content=" attribute for publishing simple machine-readable values alongside more human-friendly formatting.
  • Use values from 0123456789 (Unicode 'DIGIT ZERO' (U+0030) to 'DIGIT NINE' (U+0039)) rather than superficially similiar Unicode symbols.
schema:ratingCount schema:AggregateRating The count of total number of ratings.
schema:repetitions schema:ExercisePlan Number of times one should repeat the activity.
schema:reviewCount schema:AggregateRating The count of total number of reviews.
schema:stageAsNumber schema:MedicalConditionStage The stage represented as a number, e.g. 3.
schema:stepValue schema:PropertyValueSpecification The stepValue attribute indicates the granularity that is expected (and required) of the value in a PropertyValueSpecification.
schema:strengthValue schema:DrugStrength The value of an active ingredient's strength, e.g. 325.
schema:suggestedMaxAge schema:PeopleAudience Maximal age recommended for viewing content.
schema:suggestedMinAge schema:PeopleAudience Minimal age recommended for viewing content.
schema:totalPrice schema:Reservation  or
The total price for the reservation or ticket, including applicable taxes, shipping, etc.
schema:value schema:QuantitativeValue The value of the product characteristic.
schema:valueMaxLength schema:PropertyValueSpecification Specifies the allowed range for number of characters in a literal value.
schema:valueMinLength schema:PropertyValueSpecification Specifies the minimum allowed range for number of characters in a literal value.
schema:version schema:CreativeWork The version of the CreativeWork embodied by a specified resource.
schema:worstRating schema:Rating The lowest value allowed in this rating system. If worstRating is omitted, 1 is assumed.

More specific Types
  • schema:Float
  • schema:Integer

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